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The Liar's game

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The Liar's game
Usually forbidden, it's a must for this game and is even awarded.

It is played in turns with two dice. Each participant must reach at least the number of its predecessor. The higher number is multiplied by 10, for example 4 and 2 give the number 42. The dice remain hidden. One can lie and give higher number known or telling the truth. The next player may believe the number and move or see. Has been lied gets the "liar" a token otherwise the "unbeliever." If a token is awarded, the game begins with this player from the front. When all tokens are dealt, then: who was a "liar" caught or suspected wrong, may discard a token. Players without tokens must stop. Loser is the player with the last token.

Warning! Not suitable for children under 36 month.

The Liar's game

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